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Author: Merlijn Wajer
To: Pavel Machek, Ivaylo Dimitrov
CC: maemo-leste, mpartap, sre, martin_rysavy, nekit1000
Subject: Re: [maemo-leste] Grand plan to get make phones... phone (for Motorola Droid 4)

On 14/05/2020 14:13, Merlijn Wajer wrote:
> I am going to look at this soon in more detail, but I think Maemo Leste
> would use telepathy and this tool to log all communication and events:
> https://github.com/maemo-leste/rtcom-eventlogger

One more update. I installed the following on Maemo Leste (Devuan
standard repos):

'apt install empathy telepathy-ring'

Then, start empathy (I started it in Xephyr, on DISPLAY=:1, so gtk3 is
easier to use), and go to accounts. Add a 'tel' account.

Then go online, or whatever you need to do. Then use the menu: Empathy
-> New Conversation...

Fill in a phone number. Type text to send; hit enter.

And then the SMS automatically reached my Fremantle Nokia N900.

Of course, I replied to the SMS, but his the same bug as before, where
incoming doesn't show up until outgoing sms are sent. (I did send
another SMS, and then the SMS from the N900 just showed up)

So really, with /some/ UI for telepathy we're set for basic things, I
think. I will have to test calls. There is also a newer telepathy-ring
from sailfishos (which has some other dependencies, and some commits I
reverted), but I didn't get that to work yet. Probably related to their
usage of libdbusaccess (which I also had to build) - probably just
permission issue.