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Author: Merlijn Wajer
To: Pavel Machek, tony, sre, nekit1000, mpartap, martin_rysavy, maemo-leste
Subject: Re: [maemo-leste] Grand plan to get make phones... phone (for Motorola Droid 4)
Hi Pavel,

Added Ivaylo and Arthur to CC.

Good timing - just finished a lot of work deadlines. Anyway - reply inline.

On 09/05/2020 21:37, Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
> I believe it would be good to get phones working well enough to do calls and SMSes.
> 1) I can prepare new version of unicsy_demo.
> 2) I'd like you to package it for Leste, and perhaps ship it in default install for N900.

Ultimately, I think we want to use telepathy for calls and SMS (we
already have components in place to parse incoming messages from
telepathy and to store them).
I would like to try to get something like that going in parallel to your
efforts. Since it allows us to make a phone UI that will also work with
SIP, etc. And a SMS UI that will also work for other protocols (anything
libpurple, or any telepathy plugin: irc, jabber, etc). And we will
eventually also have osso-abook - full address book and widgets just
like in Maemo - those also rely on Telepathy.

All that said, we don't have it now, so we could package unicsy_demo (we
had it in ascii for sure, maybe also already in beowulf), but proper
integration might be tricky: unlocking the phone upon a call, switching
back to the right mode, sms notifications, etc.

But it can be a good starting point for sure.

> => that should make SMS and data usable on N900 (not calls), out of the box.

> 3) I can prepare patched kernel for droid 4, based on 5.7-rc. It will use latest Tony's
> patches, where available, and my/Tony's old hacks where not. Goal: enough support for
> calls/SMS/data.
> 4) I will publish patched ofono, suitable for kernel from step 3.

The current ofono packaged has working phone calls, sms and data. But
there are problems, some in kernel PM, some perhaps in userspace,
leading to hangs.

But yes, merging the two ofono branches and getting a kernel that
matches it sounds good. But to be clear - we have something close to
this right now, based upon

Keep in mind we'll probably want the PVR stuff in the kernel too, but I
suppose we can add that on top without lots of problems.

> 5) I may need to do unicsy_demo update for d4 mixers, etc.

Ivaylo (now in CC) recently did some work for volume applet on Maemo.
Perhaps we can just do the right thing with alsa UCM profiles and
perhaps pulseaudio, so we don't have manually mess around with mixers
too much (or provide some alsa state that has some enabled)

> 6) I'd like you to package 3), 4) and 5) for Leste.

Sure. We have a -devel repository where we can do all of this without
much trouble.

> => that should make calls and SMSes usable on Droid 4 (data only with gross hacks).

For data, I want to use libicd-network-ofono -> I think adding data
support should only be a few days of work, and I've been wanting to do
this for a while already. I'll just go and do this ASAP. The
provisioning already works, it's really just IP assignment and proxy
setup (if provided).

> Timeframe: 3 weeks. Comments? Can we do this?

We can surely try. The packaging parts on Leste side are not hard, but
getting modem and ofono to behave (Tony got further as well with some
dts change, but that one is currently causing problems for me) sounds
like the big things.

Also, have you gotten anything but the speakerphone to work, for call
audio? I have not been able to get the Headphones or normal Earspeaker
to work.