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Author: aitor
To: Yevgeny Kosarzhevsky
CC: Dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Avoid systemd as build dependency
Hi Yevgeny,

On 19/4/20 21:41, Yevgeny Kosarzhevsky wrote:
> Hi Aitor,
> I've been able to build base package already (3.31) after removing
> systemd dependencies with `sed -i '/systemd/d'
> packaging/debian/control`.
> I've run `make deb` and it's built deb package successfully on beowulf.
> The only thing I needed is to manually add init script.

Here you are my packaging for devuan beowulf:


pay attention to the attached libreswan.build file, and look at the
warnings and errors thrown by lintian. Most of them related with all
the content located in /usr/local. If i didn't override dh_usrlocal, i got
an error while packaging the manpages. I can replace "programs" by
"base" in mk/targets.mk, but there are more files located in /usr/local,
as you can see in the messages thrown by lintian.
> I am wondering what is the proper way of removing systemd dependency
> from base source as upstream adds it by some needs. Do you think
> making pre-install hook is the best way to do init system checks
> instead of running systemd things at a build time? Or is there any
> other better way to remove*systemd* from build-deps?

You must replace "dh $@ --with systemd" by "dh $@" in debian/rules.

This is my first attempt, and hope this helps :)