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Author: Larry De Coste
To: dng
Old-Topics: [DNG] HW: Which brand and model of lapto have your successfully installed Devuan on?
Subject: Re: [DNG] HW: Which brand and model of laptop have your successfully installed Devuan on?
Good morning terryc,

On Thu, 9 Apr 2020 11:56:07 +1000

terryc <terryc@???> wrote among other things:

|This is a hardware question.
|Which brand and model(s) of laptop have people successfully installed
|devuan onto?
|How difficult was it?
|Thank You In Advance.

I wasn't going to suggest it because I believe you're looking in
Australia. But since someone suggested Purism, I feel System76
deserves a mention:


They have 7 different models and again will ship with their own
Ubuntu LTS variant Pop!_OS installed. Therefore Duvuan may work as

I never bought one ... I still have an old Lenevo T61 blissfully
running Crowz updated to Beowulf repositories.

Just wanted to tout a company that sells linux units.

Take care, Larry

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