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Author: Tony Lindgren
To: Merlijn Wajer
CC: Pavel Machek, Sebastian Reichel, maemo-leste
Subject: Re: [maemo-leste] Hack for ofono gobi qmi interface for droid4
* Merlijn Wajer <merlijn@???> [200408 11:55]:
> Hi,
> Works for me -- inline

OK great!

> I had some trouble building -- a change in configure.ac is missing a
> statement to define MOTOROLAMODEM [1].

OK yeah I noticed that too but forgot to push out a fix.. Sorry about
the duplicate wasted effort debugging it. I'll check against your fix
to see if I already have the same change applied locally.

When changing components, the commands in the bootstrap-configure script
seem to be needed to rebuild FYI.

> Otherwise, seems to work. It registered to the network with the test
> Lycamobile SIM card I bought last week:

> Sim manager works:

> And making a call works:

> And it is visible on the interface in dbus, too:

> So that's all pretty awesome.

OK good to hear :)

So looks like we can't re-route qmi notifications for incoming things.
Those must be handled over the motorolamodem /dev/motmdm* interfaces.

I sort of now have qmi+motmdm ofono stuff working incoming sms too :)

I will need a bit more time to test and clean-up, but I think we can
just use motorolamodem for incoming sms, and send over qmimodem. That
way we should have MMS also working hopefully.

Pavel, I figured out how to receiver the PDUs properly with ofono, it's
all there in ofono and working with g_at_result_pdu(result) :) So that
basically confirms that we're on the right track with the serdev stuff.

The decoding of PDUs still does that tpdu_len = pdu_len - 8, not really
sure why that is needed, we do get the sender number and message decoded
OK with that though. I guess I should check if I had to do some custom
stuff on the PDU with droid4-sms-tools.

> I have a few more things to debug in connui-cellular, but I will try to
> push that to beowulf-devel ASAP, and then also have this ofono be
> available for the droid 4 in beowulf-devel, so that it'll be easier to
> play with.

OK. So if you can check that typing in a SIM pin etc works that would be
great. As some of the notifcations seem to be hardcoded to go only to
the /dev/motmdm*, we may not get currently some result returned back.

I think this is limited to incoming voice, sms and ussd only though, and
hopefully does not happen with SIM access or network configuration change
for example, with changing network preferenc from 3G to GSM etc.



> [1] AC_ARG_ENABLE(motorolamodem, AC_HELP_STRING([--disable-motorolamodem],
>                                [disable Motorola device modem]),
>                                        [enable_motmodem=${enableval}])

> AM_CONDITIONAL(MOTOROLAMODEM, test "${enable_motorolamodem}" != "no")