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Author: Gregory Nowak
To: dng
New-Topics: Re: [DNG] couldn't register with accessibility bus in Beowulf (workaround)
Subject: [DNG] couldn't register with accessibility bus in Beowulf
Hi all.

I'd like to start a dedicated thread on this issue. Most users are
simply annoyed by the message in the subject in their
$HOME/.xsession-errors file. However, since one of the services that
can't connect to the accessibility bus is gnome-orca (the gtk screen
reader software orca for short), this error isn't just annoying to me,
it's a show
stopper as far as using the GUI goes.

I've been exploring this, and have some questions for people with the
same issue, which will hopefully start us on the road to solving it:

1. Do you also see these errors if you stop the login manager, and run
startx by hand? I don't, and orca runs just fine.

2. What login manager are you using, lightdm, slim, something else?
I'm using lightdm. If this happens regardless of the login manager
used, then it would seem to be login manager agnostic.

3. Does anyone here happen to have an already installed debian system
you could test on to see if you have this error message? If no one
else can check it in debian, I'll put doing a debian install on my to
do list. If this also happens in debian, upstream is the source of the
problem. If these messages don't show up in a .xsession-errors on a
debian system, then this is Beowulf specific it would seem.

That's all from me for now.


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