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Author: Daniel Abrecht
To: dng
Old-Topics: [DNG] couldn't register with accessibility bus in Beowulf
Subject: Re: [DNG] couldn't register with accessibility bus in Beowulf (workaround)

I've had that problem as well. It also prevents the auto-show feature of
the `onboard` onscreen keyboard from working (which was annoying on my
Librem 5 Phone, where I need that feature).

To me, it seams to be caused by a combination of something `lightdm`
does, and something `at-spi-bus-launcher` does not do.
After a login with `lightdm`, the X11 root window has the `AT_SPI_BUS`
property set (`xprop -root AT_SPI_BUS`), however, it seams the
`at-spi-bus-launcher`/`at-spi2-registryd` instance which created that
property does not exist anymore, causing applications to fail to connect
to it. In addition to this, the presence of that property prevents a new
instance of `at-spi-bus-launcher`
from starting.

My current workaround is to remove the `AT_SPI_BUS` property, and then
start `at-spi-bus-launcher` again:
xprop -root -remove AT_SPI_BUS
/usr/lib/at-spi2-core/at-spi-bus-launcher &

After that, the `onboard` auto-show feature works for me for newly
started applications again (this may require `onboard` restart). At
least for GTK Applications, that is, I still have the problem of that
feature not working for some QT applications, such as the `kate` editor.
I assume that should be the same for other things which use the
accessibility bus as well.

Daniel Abrecht