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Author: aitor_czr
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] The real reason I like Linux
Hi Steve,

On 15/3/20 16:39, Steve Litt wrote:
> All of these are good ideas, but if it were me, I'd prioritize
> simple-netaid-dmenu, in which all from-list selection and all user
> input is done via dmenu.
> Gtk2, Gtk3, qt5, and ncurses are all fairly big libraries. Dmenu is
> tiny and depends only on X, for the simplicity lovers among us. Also,
> simple-netaid-dmenu would be best for the keyboard adept.
> If you do this, I'd suggest you make the typeface, fontsize, and colors
> configurable, and default the typeface to Ubuntu Mono Bold, which seems
> ubiquitous.
> Simple-netaid-dmenu wouldn't be pretty, but would be simple and
> lightning fast for the keyboard-adept.
> Naturally, I'll help test it.
> SteveT

I still didn't give a try to dmenu. In any case, i think you are wrong
in saying that ncurses is a fairly big library,
unless you are comparing it with the termlib library (a low-level access
to the termcap database):


If so, don't lump ncurses with the Gtk and Qt toolkits altogether :)

Btw, simple-netaid-cdk is going ahead, and i have it working on my
computer :


Here you are some screenshots: