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Author: terryc
To: dng
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Subject: Re: [DNG] AMD Ryzen?
On Wed, 18 Mar 2020 18:24:27 +0100
Antony Stone <Antony.Stone@???> wrote:

> Hi.
> Does anyone here have experience of running Devuan on AMD Ryzen CPUs?

Aps, a bit slow. We had a pair of these;

processor       : 3
vendor_id       : AuthenticAMD
cpu family      : 23
model           : 17
model name      : AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega Graphics
stepping        : 0
microcode       : 0x810100b
cpu MHz         : 1600.000
cache size      : 512 KB

There were two problems;

1) that mysterious bug that everyone was chasing and all sort of weird
solutions were suggested, and

2) it turned out to be very picky on the brand of Ramm chips or it
didn't like operating at less than the 2200G

I can not remember exactly what solution worked for me, but it was a
BIOS and possibly a configuration file change. I didn't even have to
download and/or compile any program. Until it was fixed, that problem
happened almost daily.

The Ramm chip problem(not as frequent) was solved by just buying a known
reliable sticks at the higher speed.
> I'm just planning to get a new PC, and I've generally preferred AMD
> to Intel, so just wondering whether there's anything I need to look
> out for with pretty much the latest hardware.

As someone who had a stock of older Intel mobo/cpus that I ran
into the ground and considered 10 years as a good life,but knew that
some brands struggled to last five years, I decided to buy AMD to
ensure competition and I've been a bit shocked in the apparent failure
rate. 50% in FX series cpus, 100% in A4 cpus and 50% in the above Ryzen
motherboard. My tip is to make sure you have good warranty coverage
and retain all the bits until that period has passed. I've stuck to
buying Asus brand as te seem less contemptable towards linux.

Latest hardware; definitely not. I like to let other experience that
joy. VBG.

> > https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ryzen-3700x-3900x-
> linux&num=2 seems pretty off-putting, however it exclusively mentions
> "systemd services not starting", so I wonder how much this is
> systemd-based and how much it might be Linux drivers in general.

Dmesg does occasionally show spurious non-fatal messages, but the
"windows solution" of an occasional reboot fixes them.

The systems both run Devuan-Ascii well.