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Author: Andrew McGlashan
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] The real reason I like Linux

On 13/3/20 1:59 pm, Steve Litt wrote:
> It's called POSIX. With POSIX, I always have shellscripts, AWK and sort
> ready to do my work for me. With POSIX, I can pipe a stdout into the
> next stdin. With POSIX, I can plug in anything conforming to POSIX,
> such as dmenu, a genius of a program that makes many hard user
> interface situations simple.

POSIX is everywhere (including in Gates and Jobs machines), it's not the domain of only *nix like operating systems at all.

Most things I can do in Linux, I can also do in Winblows .. but I choose to avoid Winblows for other reasons.

GNU tools are very important, I've ran GNUWin32 tools on Winblows forever.....