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Author: Rick Moen
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] why is polkit needed?
Quoting tekHedd (tekhedd@???):

> Re this thread, clearly a multi-user system with a GUI does need
> polkit and /some/ sort of dbus mechanism (which I will henceforth
> refer to as the "dbus mechanism" as if it were some sort of doomsday
> device).

I don't think I buy that assumption, at all. Users who need access to a
sound device can be added to the group with privileges to that sound
advice, etc. Proper user-friendly administrative tools can front-end
that granting of user privilege. A whole new system layer to regulate
access to everything strikes me a solution in search of a problem.

dbus as a generic object-and-message-passing mechanism seems per-se
harmless enough, but the history of component software using a messaging
bus (e.g., CORBA, KCOP, Microsoft's OLE) is wretched and wasteful enough
that I doubt the competence at software design of coders making
significant use of it, and, again, I see no compelling use-case at all.

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