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Author: Daniel Abrecht
To: maemo-leste
Subject: Re: [maemo-leste] pinephone bravehearth support
On 2020-03-01 00:42, Merlijn Wajer wrote:
> 1. you will also have to change the touchscreen use (xinput
> --map-to-output <number> DSI-1) -- I think it's DSI-1, anyway, also,
> maybe DSI-1 comes because <number>)

During my attempt to port maemo to the librem5, I've written a program
and a script to automate this.

This program let's you execute a script if a randr event occurs, and
exports the event object properties as environment variables:

To see the available environment variables the `onrandr` program sets,
you can use the `env` command like this:
env -i DISPLAY="$DISPLAY" ./onrandr -- sh -c "echo; env"

On the librem5, I have this script to automatically fix the touch screen

Just replace the "generic ft5x06 (f0)" with whatever the touch screen is
called on the pinephone.

Last time I tried, I wasn't really able to use it in portrait mode,
though, because it rotated back all the time.

Daniel Abrecht