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Author: Olaf Meeuwissen
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Pager (was Re: Alternatives to synaptic?)
Hi Erik,

Erik Christiansen writes:

> On 10.01.20 20:18, Olaf Meeuwissen via Dng wrote:
>> # There's still no zpager, even after asking for it two decades ago :-O
>> #
>> # https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=49942
> In the "less" manpage, under the "INPUT PREPROCESSOR" heading,
> "two scripts will allow you to keep files in compressed format, but
> still let less view them directly" with less.

Thanks for the info but the on-the-fly decompression provided by `lv`
was an unexpected bonus for me at the time. My problem then was trying
to display ja_JP.UTF-8 as well as ja_JP.SJIS and the odd ja_JP.EUC-JP
encoded files *without* having to say which encoding was used. Most of
the time I wouldn't know up front anyway.

# And the occasional ko_KR.*, zh_CN.* and zh_TW.* encoded files when
# dealing with translated messages.

BTW, `lv` lets you switch the display encoding while displaying content
(with `t`, and `T` to switch back) and `=` tells you what encoding
you're looking at.

> I may come to like less more than more,


> especially after I realise that
> '&pattern' is not a commandline option, is regex, and can be turned on
> and off. (I'll investigate the effect of the LESS_IS_MORE environment
> variable, too.)

Just saying,
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