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Author: Bardot Jérôme
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Improving the init situation on Devuan and Debian
On 19/09/2019 18:28, golinux@??? wrote:
> On 2019-09-19 11:08, alecmaillist@??? wrote:
>> Wouldn't that require even bigger changes to how inits are currently
>> packaged? Also, why use a config to determine init? The only benefit I
>> see is allowing multiple inits to be installed at once, and I'm not
>> sure why you would want that. I also don't see the point in
>> determining the default database or http server, as those don't cause
>> nearly as many issues as init does.

For init :
If i remember well manjaro did it.

if i understand well how init config work it’s just a file in

but in certain case you have some compilation option for systemd
(transmission for ie) in that case just also add what needed in the
-init package.

Some debian packages already have dependancies like mysql | postgresql.
I don’t know how it s implement but we maybe just have to extend this part.

By implement this kind of packages we add
1 more flexibility
2 prevent fork and provide more handpower
3 people are free to choose and the access is easy

for others stuff :

on some complex software YES YOU GITLAB !!!
it can permit to provide more packages, more config but configs can be
"test" on more device and that config will be in the most part the same.

if we add use case they can be deploy and test in automate ways and
improve software.

>> September 19, 2019 5:49 AM, "Bardot Jérôme"
>> <bardot.jerome@???> wrote:
>>> I think the better approch should be insert several package with
>>> -initsystemname in debian with a conf file for the system with
> [cut]
> Well at least one response.  Hopefully more.

an other things should be to provide as in popcon a benchmark package
with preset for several use case :
- embded
- desktop
- server

> And a request . . . could you please use plain text instead of html
> email in your posts?

I just change my thunderbird config ;)

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