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Author: Olaf Meeuwissen
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Request for organization
Hi KatolaZ, list,

KatolaZ writes:

> On Tue, Jun 04, 2019 at 08:18:54PM +0900, Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:
>> Devuan has a GitLab instance. Why not use its issues? With a suitable
>> set of priority labels and people assigning issues to themselves, the
>> workflow would be pretty much the same as below.
> I probably shouldn't intervene on this, but I guess past experience is
> useful in making decisions:

It is. My experience with a "pad" (Excel file, really, on a Windows
share :scream:) has been, eh, shall we say, pretty horrible. I use
GitLab at the office and at home and it works quite well for me.

> the usage of gitlab issues to signal bugs and things to do was what
> effectively stalled and delayed Devuan Jessie release by more than one
> year and a half. The few developers had to cope with issues scattared
> all around the place, with no idea of what needed to be done in order
> to have the release ready.

Did you use a release project (or group) at the time? With jessie (and
ascii? (and beowulf?)) (group) milestones? That might have helped with
getting everyone focussed on what needed to be done.

# Release blocking package bugs can be referenced in an issue for the
# release project on a suitable milestone.

> The turning point there was to have all the issues manually collected
> from all the different gitlab projects and collated (and tagged) into
> bugs.devuan.org. At that point we knew what needed to be done and
> worked for it. Jessie was released three months after that collation
> work was completed.

It bugs.devuan.org works, then, well, that's great.

# But when I M-x debian-bug it defaults to bugs.debian.org ...
# FTR, reportbug will send to bugs.devuan.org, IIUC. Oh, I'm on ascii
# in case that matters.

> IMHO gitlab issues work well only if you have many developers, each of
> them supervising just a couple of projects, and only those. In that
> case it is clear who should take care of which issue. If you have only
> a handful of people who need to do whatever needs to be done, all over
> the place, then a pad would be much more efficient, IMHO.

Anyway, I'm not lobbying for any particular approach. I just wanted to
point out that Devuan already has a tool in place that *I* think fits
the bill quite well.

By all means, use whatever works for the people doing all the leg work.

> Sorry

No need to apologize ;-)

Hope this helps,
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