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Author: KatolaZ
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] ci.devuan.org is down
On Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 08:05:24AM +0200, Jaromil wrote:


> Your advise is welcome and I believe is also constructive.
> You are right, I could do better. But after a *series* of events that
> are damaging Devuan, I turned very defensive towards the project. I
> will not make a list of problems, since I made it elsewhere, but there
> is even a new damage procured to Devuan, so this is a downwards trend.
> The fact I turned defensive certainly doesn't makes me apt for
> mediation anymore. I'll spend my holidays meditating on
> solutions. Meanwhile I've asked both Nico and Parazyd to become
> caretakers, a role I think they'd be great at and they are willing to
> take.

I humbly think we should first address the current situation and after
that start talking about caretakers, positions, resignations, and what

I am offering to serve as a mediator (sic!). I have personally
contacted each of the people involved (jaromil, CenturionDan, Ralph,
Evilham, fsmithred, golinux, parazyd), and will try to have one-to-one
voice conversations with each of them, to see what is the common
ground, whether there is a possible way out of this empasse, and what
a possible solution looks like, for the good of Devuan.

In the meanwhile, can I please ask *everyone* to just shut down their
own email clients and refrain from posting *anything* *at* *all*. Not
even a "oh good" or "oh bad". Just give yourself a break, stop reading
and writing. I tried it, and believe me, it helps a lot.


The last humble servant

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