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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] Best intentions

I have been at the Devuan meeting for the first time yesterday. I was not
sure what to expect after all that happened, but then I saw it become a
very constructive and positive meeting.

I also saw the following: Everyone was just acting with the best
intentions and in the best possible way their current awareness

We are all in this human experience.

There really is no fault here.

Just feedback and the choice to choose what to do about it.

I also saw something else:

A wonderful opportunity to grow beyond limitations of the past. I saw
the potential in the people who involve themselves with Devuan on a
voluntary base.

People are not the problem, people are the asset of Devuan.

People make it happen.

People are wonderful and different and… sometimes find it challenging to
get along with one another.

Imagine how we deepen the bonds and the trust between us when we make it
through that crisis. I see a vast potential for serving the greater good
with Devuan here.

I see, KatolaZ, you offered mediation already. I was about to offer it

While I do have no professional mediation background, I probably was a
bit too humble yesterday. I spent a ton of money, time and effort on stuff
to explore the vast human potential in the last years and I have studied
quite a bit of about communication between human beings. Maybe it is
about time to use what I learned and experienced to serve (apparent)
others. And I believe at the current moment I am not as deeply involved
that I could not be "neutral" enough for doing this.

As KatolaZ offered mediation already and contacted everyone involved I
skip on my offer for now. I am ready to offer it any time, provided I can
make the time and space. Right now the opportunity would be great as I
do have some free days in a row. However… I do not like to step offer
KataloZ toes… and so I leave it at that.

In any way, if someone feels like chatting with me and receive some
compassion and witnessing, I am ready to show up on Jitsi with the
person. I am confident I can make space for emotions to be welcomed and
let go of. I did this myself – a lot – in the last year. I know it is

In any way: For allowing healing to happen I see it as very important to
stop attempts to solve this by mail. So I second RickMoen's statement to
let go of trying to use mail to resolve conflicts.

Just for now.

So I just use this mail to bring to awareness to the vast potential I
see here and state that I am ready to offer mediation, in case it is

I close with choosing the best of success for your mediation effort,

Best. Really, I mean it.

Thank you,