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Author: Jaromil
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Way forward

dear Massimo and mett,

thanks for your messages. I think right now they well represent the
spirit of the caretakers and the actual situation. You are very
welcome to get involved, through the devuan-dev list and Wednesday's
dev meetings.

We will face this empasse in a constructive way. Katolaz was so
important to the making of ASCII and the growth of Devuan in the past
3 years that I believe his absence can be a beneficial reality check:
if this project is really resilient to one developer leaving or not.

Following CenturionDan's last email we definitely come to an agreement
and mutual understanding of everyone's errors. We will move on now
with facts, more than words: keeping Devuan alive and nurturing its

Everyone here is welcome to join maintainance tasks left by
Katolaz. If noone will, then I'll make sure to do it myself and I'm
sure other caretakers will do that too.

> because the only thing that matter
> is to carry on forward

Yes. the only thing that matter here is Devuan, beyond anyone's
feelings and professional life. And we stick to the plan.