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Author: Ismael L. Donis Garcia
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Way forward
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Sent: Saturday, April 13, 2019 8:44 AM
Subject: Re: [DNG] Way forward

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>> Subject: Re: [DNG] Way forward
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>> On 12/4/19 23:20, info at smallinnovations dot nl wrote:
>>> So you only have to endure me another 18 days.
>> 0 days, in my case, because I won't waste more time reading your
>> messages.
>> Good luck :)
>> Aitor.
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> Dear all, I am a Devuan fan and one of the DNG lurkers since a lot. I
> never did anything more than trying a couple of (very smooth) test
> installs, but I still follow the list and hope to become a more active
> supporter in the future.
> Although I personally disagree with the current attitude of Daniel
> (CenturionDan), at least judging from his recent emails to the DNG list, I
> don't see the problem he mentions as bogus. It's quite clear now that
> there was a disagreement between the caretakers about the April Fool's
> incident. As I see it, there's nothing to rejoice in having two caretakers
> leaving the project because of how the post-incident was managed and the
> harsh exchanges of comments that followed the joke.
> I strongly suggest that all the other people in devuan (I'll try to do the
> same) do not engage in another competition of being childish and bullying
> each other around. (Aitor, I respect you too for your past contributions,
> but I do believe there's no point in merely taking sides now).
> In my opinion Devuan is still a small community with a large task to
> accomplish, and splits and divisions are a loss for the community and the
> open source in general. While everybody is obviously free to leave if the
> realizes he does not share the same goal as the rest of the project, we
> are still facing a crisis. I thus believe that we should win over people
> who supported devuan in the past, not fight with them. As far as I can
> see, if we don't do this the only winner is the troll party.
> Best Regards
> Massimo

100% according to you. Please join us, let's not be separated by this

I wholeheartedly ask CenturionDan and KatolaZ to return to the project, to
work together for what we love, it is normal that there are different ways
of thinking among us, but that should not take us off the path of this
beautiful project.

Best Regards
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