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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] The power of letting go and forgiveness

I did not read the thread "Way forward" in dng-ml yet. But from what I
understand CenturionDan did not agree with the April fool's joke by

I am sad about reading that this may lead to not one, but two caretakers
for Devuan leaving.

I fully get that there are one or two feelings involved.

I totally get that.

However: The past is in the past. It is over. It is done. It does not
exist in the present moment.

So I highly recommend to welcome all the feelings, just let them be
there. And then let them go. They are "just" feelings, there are not the
truth, they are not facts. It's like asking 10 different people who were
in a situation in the past about the situation: You will hear 10
different stories.

It may take a while, but I found it repeatedly in my live, by my own
experience, that this works.

Then forgive, once you are ready to.

Consider this: In this present moment, without going into memory, can
you actually be in the past?

By letting go of the past I regain the power to choose in the present
moment what I'd like present moment and my future to be. I stop limiting
my options by giving power into the memory of what I believe or think
that past might have been.

I am using a specific approach to let go which I am not share publicly
cause it could be understood as advertising. However letting go actually
is as simple as just holding a pencil and dropping it. Try it out. You
will find that you can do it.

Could I just let it go? Would I let it go? When?