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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] The power of letting go and forgiveness
Martin Steigerwald - 14.04.19, 10:18:
> So I highly recommend to welcome all the feelings, just let them be
> there. And then let them go. They are "just" feelings, there are not
> the truth, they are not facts. It's like asking 10 different people
> who were in a situation in the past about the situation: You will
> hear 10 different stories.
> It may take a while, but I found it repeatedly in my live, by my own
> experience, that this works.
> Then forgive, once you are ready to.

Of course, it may still be beneficial or even necessary to talk about
what happened and find ways to handle similar situations better in the
future. Also letting go, forgiving, love does not give license to
abusive behavior.

Still, when coming from a place of letting go, of forgiveness, of love
and compassion I go into any of such talk from a completely different
place, making it a lot easier to achieve a different outcome. I find it
much easier to assume that everybody just acts with best intentions,
everybody had their reasons to act like they did and none of it is the

We all do as good as we can giving our awareness at this point in time.
We all do as best as we can.