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Author: Hendrik Boom
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Way forward
On Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 10:41:53AM +0200, Antony Stone wrote:
> On Friday 12 April 2019 at 00:53:40, Steve Litt wrote:
> > I suggest we pass the following resolution:
> >
> > =======================================================
> > At Devuan we prioritize benefits to individual users over benefits to
> > corporations. Within the overarching umbrella of delivering
> > sans-systemd GNU/Linux systems, we seek to make life fun for
> > developers, caretakers, and all other contributors.
> > =======================================================
> Do we want to emphasise purely "sans-systemd", or do we want to promote
> "freedom of init choice"?

The problem with the phrase "freedom of init choice" is that it appears
to say that one could choose systemd.

We need to be clear that we are promoting freedom by providing
alternatives to systemd, and that users that choose systemd can
use Debian with our blessing.

Otherwise trolls will have a valid point.

> I'nm not suggesting that we should include systemd in what Devuan provides
> (!), but I just think the phrase "freedom of choice" is a more positive and
> friendly message for people to see and think "yes, I like that project",
> rather than simply saying "no systemd".

And we should work towards "freedom of choice" more generally, not just
in init systems.

-- hendrik

> Functionally they come down to the same thing, but I think a positive phrase
> is better than a negative one.
> Antony.
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