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Author: Steffen Dettmer
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] How to deploy an init.d script to Devuan 2.0 (ASCII)

At work I'm playing with Devuan in a VM supposed to replace
embedded systems. These systems have special proprietary software
which is deployed using a proprietary package manager, which
unfortunately does not support executing scripts (such as

To start the proprietary software, part of its proprietary
package is an init.d script. I added


and a symlink


(pointing to ../init.d/ccucvm_startup_script),

but when I reboot afterwards, I reach runlevel 2 without the
script was ran.

So my script is not executed.

If open a remote shell and execute "update-rc.d
ccucvm_startup_script defaults", after a reboot it works fine!
Unfortunately I cannot run it automatically when installing, due
no missing postinstall script support.

What do I need to pack into my package to make my startup script

I try to

strace -f -o out update-rc.d ccucvm_startup_script defaults

I saw that insserv is executed, that files and symlinks are
checked, but I don't see what it does to make it work, I don't
see what it updates to make the script work. I don't find any
related errors in /var/log, but I don't know how to enable some
tracing / error logging or such.

How do I troubleshot init.d starting problems?

(Of course I googled first and read the manual and spent some
hours already, but for some reason I fail to solve my problem,
and its a pity for my prototype because nothing works just
because it won't get started)

Does anyone have an idea what I could do? Where I could look?

Any help appreciated!