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Author: Andrew McGlashan
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] What you saw on devuan.org yesterday was an April's fools joke

On 6/4/19 12:41 am, chillfan--- via Dng wrote:
> I'm not sure then if the bus-factor does apply, but I'm sure none
> of the core developers are the type to cross the road without
> looking ;-)

Sure, but the "bus factor" is not just relating to getting hit by a
bus; it is the effect of losing someone by any means (health,
accident, murder or otherwise). It's about having a plan to ensure
that a lost person doesn't have other serious follow on problems ...
such as "nobody knows the encryption pass phrase or key to unlock
critical data (however it is stored), or nobody knows how the system
works so they can step in and keep things going.