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Author: stanz
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] iso?
Oww man! ceres!!???  salt in my wound... Lol
Maybe I'm using the wrong mini iso? but their all dated feb 16, and error again on kernel mods,
which goes into 'no disks found'. Someone else posted also...how u get passed that?!?!?

I might be repeating myself :)   I grabbed ascii's mini, and its recent - with, beowulf/ceres options.
I did notice the missing new option of linking bin's...sbins & stuff...don't know if that will bite me later?

That gets me continuing on the desktop install...
ob-generator is working...
gonna clean-up soon and make snapshot...
-- Do you use the snapshot iso ..or.. the other files(?) in work folder...can't remember now.  *grins*
since I haven't had success, getting to boot into some kind of install...or 'live' session (as yours),
I just wonder. I know.. i know... get `er done gus...and find out!!! HAaa
have a good one Dan...

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