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Subject: [devuan] The 1st Devuan conference kicks off tomorrow afternoon!

dear readers,

Here is the final program of the upcoming Devuan conference, starting
tomorrow afternoon (Friday 5 April 2019) at 16:00 CET and continuing
through all the weekend.

The location of the event is marked as "Dyne.org" pretty much on any
online map, nominal address is Haparandadam 7-A1 located in
Amsterdam's Houthavens (which is the name of the bus stop as well,
served by nr.48) less than half hour away from Central Station, there
is plenty of car parking (must be paid unfortunately...) and is close
by to the Sparndammer tunnel exit as well to the Westerpark.

Our HQ in Amsterdam is already buzzing and the weather is fine,
actually forecasts are for no rain and an hopefully fair sky all
weekend! for mobility, I believe this weekend will be worth renting
bikes. Also wheelchair access to the venue is not a problem.

The conference program is rather simple: we will have 3-4
presentations each day and space available to setup with laptops. Here
below you'll find the list of presentations. All planned events will
be streamed on the live channel at https://www.youtube.com/DyneOrg and
recordings will be available, thanks to the wonderful media team
(Fredd and Viktor). If you don't want to be filmed please take the
time to notice them, thanks! If you like to share your experience on
social media please use the tag #devuan

Here we go with the timeline!


people will be at venue all day, hacking sessions and setup.

In the afternoon we will start!

- PID1: Welcome and Introductions - Collective Round Session


- The Importance of Minimalism and Modularity - by Katolaz

- Demystifying init - by Skarnet

= lunch break =

- CI Galore: the Devuan SDK and the Docker Toaster
- by Jaromil & Parazyd

- Make Your Own Distro - by Fmithred

Hacking sessions during this day are open.


- Maemo Leste - by Parazyd

- Running a Devuan data center - by Nico & the Datacenterlight crew

= lunch break =

- Competing with Giants: How to Sell Devuan to Your Company
- by Linux O'Beardly

- Dowse: the Rod for Local Area Network Awareness
- by Fredd & the Dyne.org crew

one planned hacking session in the morning: "Devuan with s6 and s6-rc"
with skarnet in person :^)

All mentioned lunches and dinners are served and the menu is
vegetarian (mostly, some meat apart) including fresh and local
early-spring herbs prepared by our chef Renate of the local
food-forest organisation URBANIA HOEVE and included in the price of
attendance. Late arrivers will be allowed in with a reasonable
contribution to the expenses, but may not fit in the food catering,
but two restorants are at walking distance!

Devuan branded T-Shirts and 8GB beautiful USB sticks will be available
and one of each will be given to those who have already registered.
We don't have a lot of tchotchke but the essential for good memories
will be there :^)

For any questions please write to <d1conf@???>

Looking very much forward!

  Denis "Jaromil" Roio      https://Dyne.org think &do tank
  Ph.D, CTO & co-founder    software to empower communities
  ✉ Haparandadam 7-A1, 1013AK Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  ✩ Profile and publications: https://jaromil.dyne.org
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