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Subject: [devuan] Announcing the First Devuan Conference in Amsterdam
Dear Init Freedom Lovers,

Once again, the Veteran Unix Admins salute you, and now invite you to
celebrate community development and software freedom at the first
Devuan Conference this coming spring! See http://devuan.org/d1conf

# Devuan Conference #1: "THE POWER OF CHOICE"
# Starting: Friday, April 5th 13:00 CEST
# Ending: Sunday, April 7th 16:00 CEST

# Location:
    Amsterdam Houthavens
    Haparandadam 7, 1013AK
    The Netherlands

# Presentations
- PID1: Welcome and Introductions
- The Importance of Minimalism and Modularity
- CI Galore: the Devuan SDK and the Docker Toaster
- Make Your Own Distro
- Competing with Giants: How to Sell Devuan to Your Company
- Maemo-Leste Mobile Phone OS on N900
- DECODE OS for P2P Micro-Services over Tor
- Dowse: the Rod for Local Area Network Awareness
- ... More to be announced

# Hacking sessions
- Installing Devuan-live
- Devuan with s6/s6-rc
- Disk Encryption
- ... Suggestions welcome

# Register

An Early-Bird All-Access Pass[1] to the conference is 95€ (about $110
USD)* with one meal per day catered. Space is limited to 70 for
on-site participation, and registration is on a first-come,
first-served basis. Register early to guarantee your reservation.

For those unable to attend, the event will be live-streamed, recorded,
and available online.

Happy hacking and see you there! ;^)

[1] https://events.eventzilla.net/e/welcome-to-the-first-devuan-conference-d1conf-2019-2138704309

*Cost of the 3-day pass is calculated on a non-profit basis to cover the
expense of location, equipment, and related materials.