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Author: Jaromil
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] logging uses of machine-id

dear Didier,

thanks for this quick C monitoring tool using the inotify API

I think this may be useful also for /etc/machine-id - which may be a
different ID from dbus I believe?

meanwhile an update on my adventures using chromium on Beowulf: it
basically stopped working since I overwrote my machine-id with
"d34dc0d3d34dc0d3d34dc0d3d34dc0d3" because, I believe, is not the
machine-id that chromium registered for the sessions of my profile /
users logged into Google.

I start then understanding at least why chromium reads this file: to
associate the device with the logged in profile. I believe this is
really nasty especially when other applications start accessing this
file and can track the ID across different programs, domains,
namespaces. For instance a google account can be traced by other
applications that are not from google itself.

I believe this is a violation of the GDPR at least in Europe and will
consult the good contacts I have among policy experts in the field.


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