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Author: aitor_czr
To: dng
New-Topics: [DNG] dbus [was: Re: logging uses of machine-id]
Subject: Re: [DNG] logging uses of machine-id

On 12/3/19 9:25, KatolaZ wrote:
> Again, this is pretty pointless: just look for reverse-deps on libdbus
> and you'll find the answers you are looking for.
> /var/lib/dbus/machine-id is read by anyting that opens a dbus channel
> and/or sends/receives a message through dbus. It is not read by the
> process itself, rather by libdbus (please have a look at dbus' code).
> My2Cents
> KatolaZ

The next systemd... Recently i packaged wpa removing its dependency on
libdbus, but i did it for lubuntu (merely a trial) because i was
testing the live-sdk on it; so, this packaging is missing in the
repository of gnuinos. Most of the network managers depend strongly on dbus,
such as conman, wicd, etc.