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Author: Ralph Ronnquist
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] simple-netaid-backend debugged.
Alessandro Selli wrote on 8/3/19 9:48 am:
>> I believe
>   Technical matters are not a matter of belief.
>> I objected to our choice of words,
>   You "believe" things you did?  Don't you even know why yourself did
> and said things?
>> and not your reasons for
>> insisting on using those words,
>   I have technically proven and linguistically sound reasons to call
> those commands what they are, that is obsolete and deprecated, like an
> overwhelming majority of technically minded people do.
>> or your reasons for wanting these
>> programs to not be used.
>   I never tried to impose my will on anybody else.  You're doing a
> straw-man attack on me.
>> Like many people, you are free to use whichever
>> programs you may want, and you are free to think that your choice of
>> programs for your purposes is the One And True choice, even when it
>> isn't. There is no reason for you to go emotional about it.
>   You accused me of intentions I never had, and are still failing at
> providing with technical reasons why obsolete, nearly unmaintained,
> universally deprecated and way outdated commands are to still be used
> today when they do not offer any advantage over the current, maintained,
> universally available and much more versatile and powerful and still
> easy to use commands that have been available for decades.

It's intriguing to see you get so emotional about this.

Just the other week I opted for using ifconfig because I couldn't work
out the single command for confguring a tap with an IP address, and
bring it up. With ip, I seemed to need 3 commands, so at that time I
liked ifconfig better. It's certainly not obsolete yet. Perhaps there is
a single ip command, and perhaps I can learn it, but that still wouldn't
make ifconfig obsolete.

Though, I realise I should let you call it/them "deprecated"; it may
well be how you think of them even if I don't do that. The word is just
an expression of an opinion about these programs and not an attribute of