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Author: gyelt
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Problems configuring xen-create-image for Devuan

I would appreciate a pointer for the following problem, please:

I'm trying to create a new DomU with xen-create-image on a Devuan/Ascii
Dom0 machine.
It seems that Xen default configuration doesn't know Devuan.

I found this instruction from 2015
but running xen-create-image after the suggested changes I get the error:
    ERROR: 'dist' argument takes a distribution name (see /usr/share/xen-tools for valid values)
That directory doesn't have a Devuan or Ascii sub-directory which seems
to be the cause of the error.
Should this work out of the box?

It has been years I last created an DomU this way and before delving in
more configuration scripts:
Am I on the right track here?
Has anybody solved this already and are the Devuan-corrected scripts out
there somewhere?

Thanks in advance

A happy Devuan user