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Author: . fsmithred
To: Hendrik Boom
CC: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] gpt boot on bios machine
On 3/2/19, Hendrik Boom <hendrik@???> wrote:
> I will guess that boot partition has to be on the same disk as the MBR.
> And this boot partition that has to be at the "start", I suspect that isn't
> the partition that remains mounted as /boot after the Linux system is up and
> running.
> -- hendrik

I know of three things that people might call a boot partition. One is
a separate partition for the /boot directory, another is an EFI
partition that contains UEFI bootloaders and the third is what you
want, a BIOS boot partition. I don't believe any of these three must
necessarily be the first partition.

The one you want must be at least 1MB in size, have no filesystem on
it and be flagged as bios_grub (in gparted) or EF02 (in gdisk). I'm
certain that this one does not need to be the first partition. I'm not
sure if it needs to be on the same disk or not. If you use gparted,
the unformatted option is at the bottom of the list of filesystem