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Author: Dmytri Kleiner
To: almereyda
CC: squatconf, baruch
New-Topics: [Squatconf] Programmation between the two events (was: Re: squatconf BLN for dtn.is 2 ?)
Subject: Re: [Squatconf] squatconf BLN for dtn.is 2 ?

Looping Baruch in. He'll need to confirm availability.

replies below

On 2019-02-27 19:28, almereyda wrote:

> a squatconf one day after DTN, Sunday, 20th of May 2019 in the space
> of "Blockchain Embassy". We think it is a kind gesture of the
> "distributed systems and protocols community" to share efforts and
> move together.
> Further on we would like to suggest a more in-depth follow up in the
> Telekommunisten space focussed around bringing "decentralised networks
> and decentralised economies". This is also going to be the subject of
> my Lightning Talk for DTN and will draw from experiences in both
> communities, the developer one, and the one of Commons, Degrowth and
> Social and Solidarity Economy that we come to witness at Ecobytes.
> Dmitry, would this be of your interest, and the days 21 - 22 (23) of
> May available at your site?

So, Sunday, Squatconf. Monday and Tuesday @telekommunisten

If you want me to do a presentation for Squatconf, let me know.

Since we want to allow people to hang out late together, I say we have
gentle hours, 1 to 6pm, so nobody needs to get up too early.

Telekommunisten will facilitate the first day Mon May 21, which will be
done using our facilitation practices that are participant centric, and
ensure everyone contributes to a focused and productive discussion.

Do we have someone in mind to facilitate the second day?

> I've now also found #squatconf:matrix.org which seems a reasonable way
> to stay in touch, too.

Cool. Joined.

Dmytri Kleiner