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Author: Dmytri Kleiner
To: Dominic Tarr
CC: Jérôme Loï, SquatConf, baruch
Subject: Re: [Squatconf] squatconf BLN for dtn.is 2 ?

Hey all, yeah, we want to do something focused on venture communism and
counterantidisintermediationism, conversations that substack, dominic,
feross and others have been casually involved with in the past.

We would host in our space[^1], and it would be a facilitated
discussion, with no audience, only participants, using our
"international" style of facilitation.

Probably about a dozen to so people, 4 to 6 hours. Whatever day is best
for the participants is good for us.
We like to be open, but would focus on making progress and forging
alliances in this session, so would prefer to work with people who are
already favorable to the work of Telekommunisten, venture communism,
etc, self-identify as left/socialists, are are at least potentially
interested in working in solidarity with Marxist mass movements in the
global south.

If there are people who are interested, but unsure about their feelings
about our political orientation, we could do a Commie Curious
session[^2] for a more a more general audience.

If there was also a SquatConf in parallel to DTN, Telekommunisten would
be happy to contribute to that with presentations and/or facilitated
discssions as well.

Not sure if I'll attend DTN, but really excited about having you all in
town, lets make the most of it!


[1] We've moved since last time, so not the same as the old space, a bit
[2] We have hosted Commie Curious sessions the last two years at CCC.

On 2019-02-18 00:49, Dominic Tarr wrote:
> I am sure it's cool to have a squatconf alongside DTN!
> Btw, the telecommunistas are wanting to organize something too. I'm
> not sure what scale they are talking though, I'm not sure if it's
> whole day or just a evening, anyway recommend pinging dmytri
> https://twitter.com/dmytri
> On 2/17/19, Jérôme Loï <gorhgorh@???> wrote:
>> Hey hey, it was nice to have you here ;)
>> About Squatconf / DTN, sounds like a fun thing to do, and lots of the
>> usual
>> suspects will be at DTN anyway.
>> On my side I'm not sure to attend as the dates are colliding with
>> something
>> already planned, and I don't have
>> the resources/will to pay / beg for a 200 ish euro conf ticket. but
>> come for
>> something before / after is probably doable.
>> About the WS, i lost the domain (you need a valid credit card for
>> theses
>> things ... it seems ...)
>> but I do have the git repo somewhere, and it was hosted in Joepie's
>> git
>> server (and probably still is),
>> I'll look for that and give you access.
>> As for "squatting" DTN, this is another debate as i don't think we
>> should
>> try to make shadow to an event
>> that is already helping us (they probably will help Dominic and James
>> coming
>> to Berlin, etc, etcà) as well as
>> gathering pll that would be interested by theses discutions.
>> I would favour something before / after the event, rather that
>> something
>> close and happening at the same time.
>> Let see where this leads...
>> See you all soon i hope
>> Jérôme
>>> On 15 Feb 2019, at 18:35, almereyda <almereyda@???> wrote:
>>> Hi SquatConf!
>>> It's been a pleasure running into folks around FOSDEM and afterwards!
>>> Thanks to Caleb for an inspiring conversational flow, to Aaron for
>>> continuing the discussions we commenced elsewhere, and to Jérome for
>>> hosting me the last night. It feels good to reconnect to the network
>>> at
>>> times.
>>> Is there anyone who would like to participate in a SquatConf in
>>> parallel
>>> to Data Terra Nemo 2 https://dtn.is?
>>> This happens on the weekend of May 17 - 18 in Berlin.
>>> Hence SquatConf belongs to no one, I'm seeing a chance it can fulfill
>>> its role as a fringe event to preparations of others. Last week we
>>> ran
>>> into a discussion about the prices of dtn.is through
>>>    https://twitter.com/almereyda/status/1094200193464061954

>>> which made me think if it wouldn't be appropriate to take over the
>>> dates
>>> and present further realities and contexts to distribution. For this
>>> I
>>> am starting conversation with the venue, if they can offer free space
>>> in
>>> a cafe next to the river, and with a wagon place nearby.
>>> The latter could make use of a nice Freifunk WiFi installation ...
>>> Does anybody know what happened to http://squatconf.eu/ ? Seems its
>>> maintenance got individualised and the collective couldn't keep it
>>> up?
>>> The last version resides in
>>> http://web.archive.org/web/20160317122026/http://squatconf.eu/
>>> Since https://github.com/squatconf doesn't have the sources
>>> available,
>>> I'm also interested in knowing who might retain a copy of the git
>>> tree?
>>> Thanks in advance for any opinions,
>>> yala / Jon
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Dmytri Kleiner