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Author: Dr. Nikolaus Klepp
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] WAIT_ONLINE_METHOD=none
Anno domini 2019 Sat, 16 Feb 23:23:23 +0100
Didier Kryn scripsit:
> Le 16/02/2019 à 21:56, Dr. Nikolaus Klepp a écrit :
> > I have tried "ifplugd" the last days, but that did not work especially well: It worked when starting without network and connecting within a hour or so, but it failed when connecting after several hours.
>     Strange. Mostly worked fine for me, for at least a decade, I would say.
>     Did you try 'dpkg-reconfigure ifplugd' ? Only ethernet interfaces
> should be monitored by ifplugd, not the wifi interfaces, these are
> monitored by wpa_supplicant, and therefore, must have an "auto" stanza
> in the interfaces file.

I had explictly defined "eth0" in /etc/default/idplugd and I went through all 3 possible combinations. I have not tried "dpkg-reconfigure ifplugd". The testmachine only has eth0, no wifi.

>     The issues I had in the past came from misunterstanding because
> there was no warning that only Ethernet interfaces should be monitored
> and that their "auto" stanzas should be removed from the interfaces file.

I have removed that as you suggested.

But I have news on the "openssh hangs on boot"-issue: kernel 4.9 (from ascii) works as expected. But kernel 4.19 from beowulf lets openssh hang on boot. Same computer, same config, just kernel changed. But this is different:

Feb 16 22:24:23 localhost kernel: [    6.033782] Bluetooth: BNEP socket layer initialized
Feb 16 22:24:24 localhost kernel: [    6.978681] random: crng init done

Feb 16 22:09:14 localhost kernel: [    5.062847] Bluetooth: BNEP socket layer initialized
Feb 16 22:09:44 localhost kernel: [   34.345896] random: crng init done

So openssh is blocked by random, which by some unknown reason takes ~ 30 seconds to start on 4.19 (in contrast to ~ 1 second o 4.9)

Any suggestions on how to proceed?


>     Didier
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