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Author: KatolaZ
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Help testing new policykit in Beowulf
Dear D1rs,

thanks to the efforts made by Mark (LeePen), Andreas (amesseer),
Centurion Dan, and Svante (gnu_srs), we have now updated policykit
packages for unstable and Beowulf (testing). Please help testing those
packages. In particular, if you are using Beowulf/ceres with the old
ascii polkit version pinned, just remove the pins, apt-get update,
apt-get upgrade, maybe logout from your DE and login again, and report
any problem at bugs.devuan.org.

This is a good step forward towards Beowulf beta. How far it is
depends also on how quickly we can identify and solve current problems
in beowulf. So please help testing.



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