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To: devuan-announce
Subject: [devuan] Participate to the first Devuan Conference in Amsterdam!

Dear Init Freedom Lovers,

On the fourth anniversary of the birth of Devuan,
once again the Veteran Unix Admins salute you!

# Participate to the first Devuan Conference in Amsterdam!

## From Friday, April 5th through Sunday, April 7th 2019

# The power of choice

The Devuan Conference 2019 is a not-for-profit event, this means that
the conference fees will cover the bare cost of venue, catering,
logistics and documentation materials.

At this stage we accept donations and offers for sponsorship: if you
like to help, contact us at <conference@???> or make a donation
using the description '**Devuan Conference**' directly to:
Paypal: foundation@???
Or via bank wire to the IBAN below :
Dyne.org foundation (non-profit)
Bank: ABN-AMRO - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
IBAN: NL87ABNA0406496021

# Call for Sponsors

Space at the conference is limited and we are trying to balance the
amount of registration with the size of the venue and resources
available. Hence registrations at this time are called mainly for
**talks** and **sponsors**. In two weeks we will follow up with more
information and an early bird offer for tickets.

Please do consider sponsoring this event! We will work hard to give
you and all the conference attendees all the visibility deserved.

Send your sponsorship proposal to <conference@???> with the
word `sponsor` in the subject.

If we have enough sponsors to cover all costs we'll be able to grant
free entrance!

# Call for Papers

Devuan Conference 2019 is YOUR conference! Please share your ideas and

If you would you like to:
- present on a Devuan-related topic, or
- report on a particularly successful/unexpected/original use of Devuan, or
- host a Devuan-related workshop for users or developers, or
- run a Devuan-focused hacking session, or
- ....

Then please contact us at <conference@???>

If you like to propose a talk please send us a title, description,
length in minutes and any URL or PDF via email, please also include
the word '**CFP**' in the subject.

# Travel and accomodation

The costs for reaching and staying in Amsterdam are entirely on
participants, but we hope that by releasing early this call everyone
has enough time to conveniently book a place in this beautiful city
and perhaps allow a couple extra days to visit it and hang out.

# Live streaming and recording

The conference will be a great occasion to have in-depth interviews
with developers and adopters as well plenary sessions of Q&A with the
public, in the hope to exchange more information about the future of
Devuan. The event will be streamed live and recorded and all
recordings will be freely made available online.

Journalists interested to participate are welcome to contact us, we
will prepare a press folder and make sure they can reach anyone they
want to interview.

# Contact

For any further questions please feel free to contact our conference
organisation committee via email at <conference@???> we are
happy to receive suggestions and wishes and requests, to make this the
best possible conference for our community

# Further steps

Thanks for reading up to hear! if you or anyone else is interested
please make sure to subscribe our devuan-announce list here:
updates will follow in the coming months, meanwhile if you are sure to
attend make sure to reserve your tickets and stay in Amsterdam: on 5-7
April 2019 the very first Devuan Conference is happening!

Happy Hacking!