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Author: Freelab
To: squatconf
Subject: Re: [Squatconf] Prosfygika Network -- first milestone reached
Hi, thanks for the link.

Scuttlebut is very interesting, but a bit too advanced for our needs at
the moment. We need something simple and sunning on a hardware we have.
But I have a long-term project to explore blockchain technology in
context of communities similar to Prosfygika, so I will certainly
revisit the topic.



On 30/04/2017 09:07 μμ, Matej Nemček wrote:
> Hey, idk if was there mentions, but for local com you could maybe try
> https://www.scuttlebutt.nz ?
> I had presenation in Progressbar about it last week
> https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1RYonvbpb3KoyPjMhtU3bQkNq_I5EKFjMaka4teVEqck/edit?usp=drivesdk
> Feel free to ask.
> On Apr 30, 2017 6:58 PM, "Freelab" <freelab@???
> <mailto:freelab@riseup.net>> wrote:
>     Long time no report from us, but hey, this is Greece; everything
>     takes more time.

>     Some of you may still remember that we invited Squat Net to happen
>     in our humble place this year. I hope it may become reality.
>     Anyway, we keep beavering out and making our community more
>     visible to the world (https://network23.org/prosfygika-community
>     <https://network23.org/prosfygika-community> in the making).

>     Meanwhile, mostly thanks to unstoppable Naomi R and some generous
>     donations, we reached the first milestone assumed for Prosfygika
>     Neighborhood Network:

>     1. All users that were previously connected through crumbling and
>     fragmented cable infrastructure, are now connected via uniform
>     system of staircase-installed access points. They pay a modest (5
>     Euro per flat per month) fee, that is 100% spent on the
>     development of the network and other infrastructure.

>     2. All network is integrated into one address space, under single
>     master router managing internal traffic.

>     3. External traffic goes through master router load balancing
>     module and two uplinks provided by local service provider. ISP no
>     more has ablity to monitor internal traffic.

>     4, We are now ready to set up our first internal services, to go
>     beyond the idea of "just accessing internet".

>     The next milestone I hope to discuss soon in the community, but
>     possibly it will include more uplinks, extended set of services
>     and shifting towards mesh topology.

>     Now, after achieving a little bit, we need your help to achieve more.

>     1. We have a guest room here in the infrastructure section, ready
>     to host tech people coming to help. If anybody fancies having a
>     "working holidays" in Athens, as a resident hacker of a very
>     peculiar anarchist squatting community, there is an opening. We
>     offer a decent level of cultural shock, guest room (with an option
>     of separate flat for longer-term guests) and a whole bunch of
>     problems to solve.
>     Food is available, but one has to be able to chip in a bit, or run
>     separate kitchen. Largely, we live in a kind of urban network,
>     staying as much out of the system as it is possible.

>     2. Now, when we have our users reconnected, it is time to set up
>     our first service, which is going to be a public message system.
>     The role model is Pirate Box, but we need it to be customised and
>     rebranded, so it would become Prosfygika Public Announcement
>     system. We have TP-Link MR-3020 for this purpose, with some
>     external storage. If we can find anybody keen and able to help us
>     setting it up, it would move the whole network onto different
>     level. So, please give me a shout.

>     3. A while ago, some of you folks contacted me, offering help in
>     various forms. I am still in process of recovering my mail
>     archives after the disk crash (cheap USB pockets kill SSDs!) so if
>     you are still there, contact me again, please. We now need a lot
>     of hardware for servers and desktops, both in the infrastructure
>     department and for our users. Anything that can decently run some
>     linux or Cyanogen will be used wisely. Detailed wishlist available
>     upon request and soon online. ***Featured*** need is a decent
>     teleconference camera (we are setting up a teleconference/webinar
>     station). 75 Euro is the cost of the one I found here, but it
>     makes solid dent in our resources so perhaps some of you has a
>     better solution?

>     Hope to hear from some of you soon. Stay tuned to our website, as
>     it is going to be the official communication channel now.

>     Best,
>     Petros, Prosfygika, Athens, Greece

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