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Author: Freelab
To: squatconf
Subject: Re: [Squatconf] Prosfygika Network -- first milestone reached

On 30/04/2017 10:19 μμ, ng0 wrote:
> Hi,
> very interesting email. I'm especially interested in technical (and
> non-technical) projects and jobs you have to work on, I'm curious
> to meet new people and groups. Though flights
> to greece or anywhere at all are currently not affordable for me.

Your remote help, if you are keen and able, would be also highly
> I've seen of your website that you use wordpress.
> Have you looked at the wordpress with modifications A/I with noblogs.org
> and blackblogs uses? The source of A/I can be found here: https://git.autistici.org/groups/ai/

Interesting, indeed. We do not have resources ATM to run our own WP, but
I will file this reference for the day we can use it. Thanks.
> How are mesh networks in Greece in general? Is there anything like Freifunk
> which covers large parts of cities and villages?

I do not know. I am knee-deep in Prosfygika daily work and longer term
projects (let alone lack of money beyond immediate survival needs). But
certainly Naomi R may have better knowledge about it. She just recently
visited a place with strong wifi community. So perhaps she can help.


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