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Author: Matthew Melton
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] For all you automounter programmers
A brief aside.
Although not an automounter I remember using bbsmount on blackbox. I can't remember how to configure it but it sat in the blackbox dock and if I remember and showed icons for all the drives you wanted to show. A click would mount the drive and another click would unmount it. I used it for ages , after abandoning gnome, as an alternative to automounting. I believe it works with other window managers too, Judging from the man page here https://manned.org/bbsmount/d797faf8

I believe it was a blackbox add-on http://blackboxwm.sourceforge.net/ but the add on page is currently showing a 503 service unavailable so can't check.
The code, if it can be obtained, might prove useful as an alternative or optional addition to a slimline CLI automounter. The idea of which I like the sound of a lot.


If anyone needs me I'll be lurking under my rock...

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> Didier Kryn <kryn@???> escribió:
> >> This isn't just a theoretical thing, lots of people don't label their
> >> thumb drives.
> >>
> >> Another issue is a lot of thumb drives have the same label. I bet
> >> there are millions with the label "backup".
> >>
> >>
> >     But there are tools on Linux to add a label to a filesystem; here
> > is the first thing I do to a new usb stick:

> >
> >     /sbin/dosfslabel /dev/sdb1 $my_name

> >
> >     Very usefull when exchanging sticks.

> >
> >           Didier

> All my sticks are labeled, and I labeled none of them.
> They all just came factory formatted as fat and factory labeled with the
> producer's name. This is my EMTEC stick (at /media/EMTEC) , this my BASF
> stick (at /media/BASF)... useful enough, since I do not use to plug several
> sticks at the same time, and even less several of the same brand.
> Regards
> Noel
> er Envite