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Author: holger krekel
To: squatconf
Subject: [Squatconf] pre-squatconf meetups
Hey all,

i am wondering who would come to the pre-squatconf gatherings.
We have the good option to use a room/space at the Telekommunisten's
or Thoughtworks Werkstatt at https://goo.gl/maps/cxHbpMRxcW32
We could hangout

    Wednesday 2pm till 7pm.
    Thursday 11am till 7pm

there. I'd like to confirm the room within the next 1-2 days so i'd
appreciate feedback regarding people's intentions, interest to come.
Alternative suggestions welcome as well -- FYI we can't meet at Spektrumberlin
(the place where squatconf is to take place 29/30th) on the days before.

Also if you have a mobile phone and have installed signal you might send
me or others involved your number so i can add you to the signal
"squatconf" group which might be useful especially for real-time
berlin coordination.