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Author: ng0
To: squatconf
Subject: [Squatconf] introducing ng0 -> eventual helper

I'm ng0 and however the conference is handled in the end, I'd
like to help.
I'll very likely[1] be in Berlin from 28th - 1st, afterwards I
might leave for some days or stay until the 6th, as SecuShare has
a meeting and also a talk/small conference on 5th in Berlin's
Onionspace[2], so I have to extent my stay somehow but have no
place to stay for the 2nd part yet.

I have some past experience (years ago) in construction stages,
no experience with barkeeper stuff (wouldn't be able to handle
that much input) and as I have no clue what needs to be done,
I'll better stop with listing abilities and wait for what needs
to be done at the conference.
As suggested earlier by someone in IRC, I can't be in Berlin from
26th on, but on some time on 28th.

[1]: very likely, travel not booked yet due to some appointments
[2]: http://youbroketheinternet#hopeless