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Author: sayhi2guy@tiscali.co.uk
To: dynebolic
Subject: Re: [dyne:bolic] dynebolic on xbox

Sorry, there does not seem to be a lot happening with the dynebolic
community these days & this mailing list is pretty dead. The last
release was 2011 & the distro is listed as dormant on Distrowatch.


>----Original Message----
>From: pierrot2027@???

>Date: 22/03/2014 13:42
>To: <dynebolic@???>
>Subj: [dyne:bolic]

dynebolic on xbox
>Hi Guys, I have been working on my thesis for 10

years now.
>I need to mod my recently bought xbox (20 euros) to install

dynebolic 1.1
>on it. It has several built§in features that I need :

boot on modded xbox
>- hasciicam
>- openmosix preconfigured for

clustering threw local network ( other xboxs
>are coming)
>- quickcam

compatibility threw ndiswrapper
>I have met the dynebolic team in 2003

at the Linux expo in London ( except
>Jaromil) and I have never been

impressed so much since by a "computer"
>So my first question would be

to early adopters of dynebolic , what are the
>good modchips? where can

I buy them online? all the necessary info is
>either gone or hard to

dig. I have a mod shop or two to visit in Paris, if
>anybody has

>Happy hacking to every one,
>n.b : my

thesis is in french only for now , you can hear it there :
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