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Author: Felipe Fonseca
To: Bricolabs startup mailinglist
Subject: [Bricolabs] all watched over
Hi Bricos
I've been keeping quiet here... lots going on these days. Got back to
studying after a decade, moved temporarily another city, struggling to
keep on doing things and simultaneously make a living. I always keep an
eye on brico-discussions, but have little time to write nowadays.

Anyway, last week I watched the whole three episodes of a doc made last
year by adam curtis + bbc, "all watched over by machines of loving grace":


I'm still trying to digest all the seemingly valid and needed criticism
distilled along those three ours of videos and would like to ask if any
of you has watched it and would have comments to spare.

Meanwhile in Brasil: I'm coming this week to Mauá for the Tecnomagias
meeting Vicky is also attending; then by the end of the month there's
the Hipertropical MetaReciclagem meeting in Ubatuba - brico-scent,
brazilian accent. Next month we're organising Cigac, the international
conference on "collaborative environmental management", trying to bridge
academia, activist networks and appropriate technologies. Just after
that there is Labsurlab in Quito, Ecuador. And that's only two months ;)
Also, my research project is about 'experimental labs' (media labs and
beyond). I'll soon ask for help here about the history of medialabs and
interesting people/places to get to know.

Best from Campinas,