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Author: shu lea cheang
To: Bricolabs startup mailinglist
New-Topics: [Bricolabs] off-topic query to bricos
Subject: Re: [Bricolabs] Access Space is one of "Britain's New Radicals" (according to NESTA and The Observer)
hi, i do want to echo jaromil's point on Autonomous Zone being an old concept.

also in questions are james'
"There are people who work for the government, who maybe are really
good people, but do they qualify as "radical"? CAN you qualify as
"radical" if you work for the government? There are some "radicals"
who are named individuals, and some who are organisations with
hundreds of employees."

if we have to bring up the discussion of radical, i think
infiltration into the mainstream,
crossing the war zone, as jaromil stated, should be counted.


>On Mon, 20 Feb 2012, John Hopkins wrote:
>> Hei James!
>> >The 50 winners have been announced
>> FWIW, it may not be a bad thing to strategically keep in mind Hakim
> > Bey's Permanent Autonomous Zone admonition:
>good points, but still its from an old time.
>IMHO time have changed and main-stream has become more open to debate,
>less univoque, hence scapegoats can at least talk back before the
>In general I regard main-stream as a war zone, where you should always
>move well equipped and with a clear plan in mind.
>As much as I hate warzones, sometimes crossing it is the only way to
>reach the people you really want to speak to, especially if you are
>not focused into building a walled garden.
>good luck James, you and your posse have the guts to stand more fame
>and give many people a good lesson.
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