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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Polyfills for Systemd
dng@??? - 05.06.24, 19:25:14 CEST:
> > It is called "orphan-sysvinit-scripts", available as a package in
> > Debian and thus Devuan and maintained by the Debian Init Diversity
> > team¹.

> Nothing wrong with the name Debian Init Diversity team i.m.o. But the
> name orphan-sysvinit-scripts does not cover the runit scripts you are
> adding. And eventually any other init scripts which will be endangered
> by systemd. I would suggest orphan-non-systemd-scripts or just
> orphan-init-scripts.

The package for those called is runit-services.

Someone recently wanted to create openrc-services, but there is a
discussion that it would be better to have the service definitions for
various init systems in the package with the service. I.e. first asking the
package maintainer whether to include it.