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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] What is an init system?
Steve Litt - 27.05.24, 14:43:47 CEST:
> What is the point of having dbus, isn't it just another attack vector ?
> >Isn't it just so laptops behaves like Microsoft OSs.
> The only point is that on most distros, even the simplest software
> pulls in dbus. This doesn't mean you have to use it. And yeah, I
> made a no-dbus setup while doing the Manjaro Experiments.

My Devuan with runit based servers do not have DBUS, except for libdbus
which comes as a dependency for something. But no running DBUS daemon
whatsoever. So already two attack vectors removed: No Systemd, no DBUS.
Not even the one that uses Incus to run about 10 Alpine containers and one
Devuan container has a DBUS daemon running. Not on the host nor in any

The desktop boxes use DBUS as I prefer to use KDE's Plasma. And it does
have some value for inter process communication.