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Author: psy
To: System undo crew
Subject: [unSYSTEM] [SNH] A sustainable multilayer tool-artifact for data privacy and project networking...
Updated -> https://solarnethub.com



SolarNET.HuB (SNH) is a project and a sustainable multilayer
tool-artifact that allows self-sufficiency in the network. Through the
use of sustainable energy and the power of free and cryptographic tools,
the project proposes a new paradigm of accessibility, legacy and
connectivity to the Internet, as we know it today.



The Project Network:

The technology is born as an alternative offline-first invite-only
network that allows users to gain total control of their data and privacy.




SolarNET.HuB (SNH) contains its own cryptocurrency called: ECOin.


ECOin is a crypto-currency with the goal of providing a long-term
energy-efficient digital economy strategy.

This tool provides a currency mining system technology for autonomous
generation by solar energy.

It is the only crypto in the market that implements such a sophisticated
mining system:


This allows the inhabitants of the kit to access an economic and market
system, totally sustainable.




We know that getting started with certain technologies, especially new
and disruptive ones like our kit, are often complicated, and that lots
of questions always arise.

To try to make onboarding more friendly, we have deployed a web forum
(at clearnet) so that entire Community can support each other.



“This #solarpunk device is designed to work in a scenario where the
centralized Internet and the power grid fall; allowing you to continue
using the Internet and never find yourself isolated…”