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Author: aitor
To: Devuan ML
New-Topics: Re: [DNG] simple-netaid-gtk -- versions? dhcp? unbound?
Subject: [DNG] simple-netaid-gtk

The gtk interface for simple-netaid -that I've had abandoned for a long time- will be released in a few days. The code is available here:


On the other hand, the ubus handlers in the daemon of simple-netaid have been improved as well, and actually snetaid works in combination
with dhcpcd as opposed to old versions that worked with the deprecated isc-dhcp-client.

In regard to a recent thread in DNG mentioning a bug related to dhcpcd working with runit as PID1, it's worth to say that the recommended
dhcpcd configuration for simple-netaid is to leave the former normally downed (not daemonized) but working on request of simple-netaid.
The latter will do the job during the boot process, being the responsible for the automatically connection attempts, even in cases of wifi
usb adapters.