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Author: bill-auger
To: gnu-linux-libre
CC: dynebolic mailinglist
Subject: Re: [dyne:bolic] Beta release: dynebolic 4.0.0
awesome, it is great to see a new dynebolic

i gave the new LiveISO a try with QEMU (2 cores 2GB RAM)
- some observations:

* there was no audio - alsamixer would not start

* KDE is much too heavy for the dynebolic use-case - even if it worked well in
this context, i would strongly recommend against it for A/V production even on
the most powerful computer - but ... it did not work well - after launching a
few applications, then stopping them, with no applications running, both CPUs
stayed at 50% with about 900 MB RAM usage - after starting konqueror, both CPUs
went to 100% and stayed that way for the remainder of the session - after
viewing a few websites, konqueror became unusably sluggish, then KDE crashed
and restarted; but the CPU did not settle down, and konqueror stayed unbearably

i also noticed some FSDG issues - i am CC'ing this to the gnu-linux-libre
mailing list - we should follow-up on these on that list

* thunderbird directs users to the mozilla "app store" - all FSDG distros
disable that feature or change the URL - it is relatively simple to do -
trisquel and parabola direct to the mozzarella website instead - it responds to
the same URL search format

* also the dynebolic website invites users to use non-free websites such as
discordapp - i believe that also is not permitted, though that may be a grey